How to combine Surf & Remote Work?

Combining surfing with remote working might be a bit challenging for some of us. We believe that doing it together with a community makes it easier and definitely more fun while still staying productive.

In our previous Extreme Tribe working holiday many of us surfed twice a day and decided to work in between two surf sessions. So here’s an example of how to combine surfing twice a day with full time working:

6.20 AM waking up. Some of us are waking up earlier to meditate, set their goals or do yoga while others wake up right before surfing (around 6.20am). Of course it’s not mandatory to surf in the mornings so you can just skip surfing and work instead or wake up around breakfast time.

6.30-8 AM surfing. These early morning surf sessions are super enjoyable because sun is not burning hot yet but waves are already rocking. Morning surf gives a great energy boost for the whole day.

8.30 breakfast. Breakfast is usually around 8-9. Some of us prefer to come straight from surfing to breakfast, while others are already working in the morning for a while and then joining the breakfast.

9-17 working. Most of are working, having meetings & calls between 9AM and 5PM but some of us also prefer to go surfing during the lunch break.

17.30-19 sunset surf. Another thing that brings a big smile to many of us is a sunset surf. It’s something magical when you can catch a wave while enjoying the colors of sunset. Unbelievably beautiful! Running in the beach is another thing that’s super cool either during the sunset or when it’s already dark outside. In our previous Extreme Tribe trip to Sri Lanka it was usually already dark around 7pm but it was a lot of fun to jump over the crabs and to see bonfires lighting up in the beach while running by.

19-… evening activities. It’s up to our imagination but it’s definitely a good idea to go out for a dinner all together or just order food home and have a movie night, play board games or have interesting discussions at our casa. It’s also a lot of fun to go out once in a while to discover local places and get to know locals and their culture.

During our free time we get to know each other, talk about surfing and work. We make meaningful connections and network – Extreme Tribe is also about making work related connections. 

This is just an example of a day but overall it’s up to you how you want to plan your day. We all have the freedom to do whatever we like to do. Some days we are more focused on work while other days we are more into surfing and learning new skills.

You can read more how we combined surfing and working in Sri Lanka in Jan-Feb 2019.

If you feel like you would like to try that lifestyle then join our next Extreme Tribe surf edition in Portugal.

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