Combining surfing and working in Sri Lanka

Can you imagine surfing twice a day and chilling with friends while also being super productive and actually working?!

That’s exactly what we did in Sri Lanka. Needless to say that it was one hell of an adventure and we came back with loads of energy, inspiration and of course new cool friends&contacts!

Our very first surf focused Extreme Tribe adventure took place in January-February 2019 in Sri Lanka. Those two weeks were full of surfing, roadtriping, chilling, eating amazing Sri Lankan food, jumping in the waves, watching beautiful sunsets, running in the beach and of course let’s not forget about the most important thing – we were also working at the same time!


This amazing adventure could not have happened without the people. Our group was rather small but that gave us the opportunity to get to know each other and make new meaningful connections from both sides – we became friends but also got new work related contacts.

This time we had people from different startups like Codemagic, Transferwise, Like A Local and Dashbird but also from corporates like business realestate firm Technopolis Ülemiste.


We had two areas where to work in our house – one was in the living room together with cooling fan and comfy sofa and the other one was in the backyard behind the desk. Everybody also got local sim cards loaded with data so it was possible to work from anywhere.

We had lovely backyard what had it’s extras – monkey visiting us once in a while, few cute geckos and of course a hammock.


It is not only the curries that are hot and spicy in Sri Lanka, so is the surfing. That’s so true, isn’t it?! Hundreds of kilometres full of golden sandy beaches, point breaks and reefs just waiting for surfers. It is an amazing place for both beginners and experienced surfers.

Our closest surfing spots were just 5minute walk from our house and that made life pretty comfy. Basically just waking up 6.50am and catching the first wave at 7am, what could be better?!


Evenings were for chilling – learning to cook Sri Lankan food, jogging in the beach, visiting cool local restaurants, enjoying sunsets, having some cocktails, sometimes even dancing with our toes in the sand, other times just chilling at our casa, watching movies or playing board games.

Oh and weekends = roadtrips! We took our fancy helmets and hit the road with our rolling wheels (read: scooters). It was all about discovering new places, exploring this interesting country, getting to know local highlights and also feeling like a local in this crazy (yet interesting) traffic.

In our next post we gonna tell you more about how our days looked like!

If you feel like you would like to combine surfing with working then join our next Extreme Tribe surf edition in Portugal.

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