Alternative way for companies to motivate their workers

Lot’s of companies are struggling to find employees – specially in tech&IT sector.

And why is that? It’s because they all have cool offices, exciting and challenging work they can offer, they can all pay pretty good salary and other benefits but nowadays when there are so many job opportunities – that’s just not enough.

What we believe that keeps workers happy is their freedom and alternative benefits. It means the opportunity to work from anywhere without feeling any quilt. We’ve talked to many professionals who work in well known startups what seem to have that cool free vibe but often times the reality is different. Those cool companies still expect you to work from the office even if your work doesn’t demand that. And even if you get that “free pass” to work from home, you just feel so guilty and you don’t even know why.

The actual why relies in the company culture and in those small extra steps they are willing to make for you.

One of the reasons we have started Extreme Tribe is also to fight for remote work possibilities. We are strong believers that working from the office doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s being productive. It’s possible to be productive from anywhere and often times new environment brings you new fresh ideas and energy.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your employer sent you to a few week work-holiday where you can also learn some skills you’ve always dreamed off? For us this extra skill has been extreme sports and we can see how doing extreme sports while also being productive can actually be a great combo.

Extreme sports give you that adrenaline&dopamine that you need to also find that extra sparkle and energy for your daily work duties.

We have a huge respect to companies who have already invested in their employees through offering them the freedom & real benefits to boost their productivity and hope that this trend will continue growing.

If you’re one of the companies who would like to try out remote work with your team then let us know!

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