Who’s behind Extreme Tribe?


Hey there! I’m glad that you made your way to Extreme Tribe’s site! I’m Liina, the one who’s mainly behind Extreme Tribe. Usually I’m working and travelling somewhere in the world BUT today I’m working from home because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

I feel the responsibility to avoid spreading this virus any further than it already is and therefore I am working from home, not traveling and not having any face-to-face meetings. I’ve practiced working from home and remote work a lot during last few years and am sharing my tips and experiences with you through Extreme Tribe blog. I hope it helps you to stay productive 🙂

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Liina, the founder of Extreme Tribe, working remotely
The founder of Extreme Tribe Liina

Some of our members in Sri Lanka in February 2019:


Hi! I’m glad that you made your way to Extreme Tribe’s site! I’m Liina, the one who’s behind an overall idea of an Extreme Tribe. I’ve been crazy about extreme sports and travelling for a long time and my lifestyle has given me an opportunity to experience working remotely from different parts of the world.

Back in 2017 I was backpacking and working remotely in South and Central America and was looking for a community that would unify extreme sports and remote work but couldn’t find one – that’s when the idea of an Extreme Tribe was born.

Now a bit about myself. I’m from unicorn land Estonia and have also lived in Denmark, Tanzania, China and USA. During last 3 years I’ve worked at least 70% of the time remotely and I truly love that freedom. I’ve learnt quite a lot about different tools all the way to how to motivate myself.

Another things that drives me is extreme sports. I just really love the feeling when you learn a new tricks, catch a big wave or do something you didn’t know you were capable of. Wake boarding, surfing, kite surfing and snowboarding are my favourites but I’m eager to learn and explore beyond!

To me Extreme Tribe means a perfect lifestyle. Staying productive with my work while traveling and doing extreme sports with the community of likeminded people.

If you feel it makes your heart beat faster, then join the thrill and get to know inspiring people who are part of Extreme Tribe community!

Liina Laul, the founder of Extreme Tribe