Digital nomad coliving, coworking and surfing in Bali


Bali has it all – vibrant culture, yummy food, unforgettable surf, stunning sunsets, endless beaches and of course that amazing coworking, achieving and living-a-dream vibe.

We invite you to Extreme Tribe’s third remote work and surf focused escape to Bali. Join the tribe, live together, surf, work remotely, get the feeling of ‘Bali lifestyle‘ and make great friendships. It’s something you’ll never forget. Join us!


Surfing spots, co-working details and itinerary below.


Location: Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Duration: 10 days

Dates: February 2 – 12, 2020

Wifi: Fast

Surf: Fantastic

Accommodation: Comfy

Amount of people: max 12

Digital nomad life in Bali – beach and sunset
Digital nomad surfing in Bali during the sunset. Canggu life
Digital nomads coworking and coliving in 2020 in Bali


Canggu in Bali is a perfect place if you want to combine remote work with surfing. Here are few reasons why we decided to have our next Extreme Tribe in Canggu:

  • It has rising start-up and entrepreneurial scene with many co-working spaces, cafes with fast WiFi and events to boost your productivity & creativity
  • Hotspot for surfing: it’s every surfers’ dream destination
  • Food: you can find all kinds of cuisines here and the best part is super fresh tropical fruits.
  • Social life. There are so many events happening all the time: whether you’re into listening to nomad lifestyle lectures, wanna learn to cook, go to a concert or just have a fun night out.
  • Healthy lifestyle: great yoga studios, gyms, affordable spa treatments (e.g. massages etc) and alternative healing options.
  • Bali sunsets are out of this world. That’s the time when everyone gathers in the beach because nobody wants to miss a sunset.
  • Fascinating culture with friendly locals.
  • Endless adventures: diving, biking, swimming, snorkelling, volcano hiking, bouldering, wake boarding, island hopping and so on.

Once you get to Bali, you don’t wanna leave!

Read more about the reasons from our blogpost: 12 Reasons to Work Remotely & Surf in Canggu, Bali

Ricefields in Bali are so beautiful
Food in Bali is amazing – smoothie bowls are just so fresh
Riding a scooter in Bali with other digital nomads

Replace routine with adventure

Extreme Tribe is a community for those who want to do extreme sports while working and traveling at the same time.

Coming from different countries and backgrounds, but having similar desires. Extreme Tribe is about the freedom to work from any place in the world while doing what you love and being around likeminded people.

This experience is all about you – you decide what you make of it. Some of us just want to have a break from the daily routine, others want to build new relationships, learn surfing, get out of their comfort zone, grow new ideas or maybe just enjoy the atmosphere.

A passion for extreme sports and the need to travel the world connects our community – that’s Extreme Tribe!

Digital nomads coliving, coworking and surfing
Digital nomads surfing in Portugal
Digital nomads hiking in Portugal
Coliving digital nomads who are also surfing and coworking


Focus on your work while traveling. We support you with:

  • High speed wifi
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • 24 h accessibility, secure & safe
  • Possibility to work behind a desk, on a couch or next to a pool – the choice is yours

Each of us have our own projects and schedule. You can be a designer, developer, marketing manager, CEO of your company or something totally different – welcome to Extreme Tribe!

Comfortable working area for digital nomads in Canggu Bali
Digital nomads learning to surf


Beaches around Canggu can be surfed all year round and the water temperature is around 27-29 °C (80-84 °F), meaning that you can surf in Bali in shorts or bikini all year round.

In February Bali has “off season” or “wet season” but that only means that there are less tourist crowds and more space for you to surf. Don’t let frightening images of Southeast Asian monsoon rains scare you off. Bali’s wet season is considerably tamer, some days it doesn’t rain at all, making the decision to come here during the rainy season seem like a stroke of genius.

Whether you’re surfing the first time or are already a pro, lessons and gear are included, so just bring your adventure spirit and get ready to learn some new fun skills!

The closest surfing beach is just a 1 minute walk from our villa. In fact you can see the beach from the upper floor.


Our amazing villa is next to an amazing surf beach, walking distance from all the Canggu social life and has lots of restaurants and cafe’s closeby. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cozy pool area, with sunbeds, lots of pillows and a barbecue
  • Lovely garden where’s plenty of space to do yoga or organise a BBQ party
  • Large 6 x 15 meters swimming pool
  • Clean and stylish rooms with private bathroom and bathtub
  • Fast wifi in the house and also at the pool area
  • Area for working – possible to work behind a desk, on a sofa or at the pool side
  • Comfortable beds, maximum 2 people per room (no punk beds)
  • Beach view from the upper floor
  • Fully furnished kitchen, actually even two 😉
  • Beach is 100 m from the villa, so it takes less than a minute to get there
Coliving villa for digital nomads in Bali
Coliving villa with pool and sun beds for digital nomads in Bali
Digital nomads can work next to the pool in Bali
Extreme Tribe surfing and working remotely in Portugal in September 2019

Early bird price for 10 days: 990 €*

*Early bird until the end of November 2019, after that 1100 €.


  • A full-time workspace to be productive and creative
  • Fast wifi and local sim-card loaded with data
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Surf gear, surf teacher and lessons (Mo-Fr)
  • Community of people who will inspire you
  • Good mood wizard (community manager) who will help you whenever needed
  • Breakfast & Welcome dinner


We look for people who are passionate about their work but also want to learn new skills and inspire others.

Apply by filling out the application form and we will contact you:

After you’ve been accepted to the Extreme Tribe book your flight tickets, get visa (if needed) and pay the deposit.

If you have questions then feel free to contact us:

Can’t wait to get to know you!